“Answers to the challenges facing businesses and society cannot be found… they must be created.”

The foundation of Action Partners is a must-attend Global Leadership and Innovation Summit for senior and emerging business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and expert advisors. The Summit format is designed for sharing and learning strategies and solutions to the grand challenges facing business and society in today’s new world realities, while driving profitable growth and advancement for good.

Our Grand Challenges

Projects worthy of our support aligned with our mission to drive innovation.

Global Leadership & Innovation Summit

Courageous and inspirational leaders sharing ideas that become high impact actions.

A Call to Innovators

Action Partners seeks business leaders who share the vision of innovative and profitable transformation.

Rethink Sustainability

The Organization Behind Action Partners

Rethink Sustainability Initiatives (RSI) is a recognized hub and catalyst for leaders and innovators focused on actions that work for good in new world realities. Engaging global and local leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and senior advisors across all sectors, we accelerate the discovery, sharing and adoption of profitable best practice solutions that improve the socio-economic-environmental sustainability and advancement of business and society. 

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We Need Your Support to Help Ignite Change

Keeping the work going is a combination of time from our volunteer work force and the generosity of our sponsoring companies.