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Global Leadership and Innovation Summit

Network with over 150 global C-suite executives and entrepreneurs currently at the cutting edge of the Climate Change file, plus Innovation, Food, Technology and Energy Leaders

Exclusive insight from high calibre speakers comprised of business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and experts

Collaborate with other leaders and potential partners to discover and build on solutions to some of today’s major world challenges

Get empowered to play a crucial role, whether your role is in a multinational corporation or a recent start-up

Rethink Climate Change and other Radical Game Changers as Wealth Creation Opportunities 

Throughout history, humanity has faced many monumental shifts.  Yet each time the ingenuity and courage of our top minds led humankind to not only survive, but to thrive. Climate change is one of the most transformative forces our planet has faced in eons, and its urgent nature makes it a catalyst for uncovering exciting new technology and wealth creation opportunities that work in the new realities of today and tomorrow’s fast changing environment.

Key Topics

  • A Future Outlook – What’s up Ahead and Actions for Leading
  • Energy Future: Integrated Planning – The Energy – Water – Carbon Nexus. Binding them in strategy
  • Wild Weather of the Future: Cities, Climates, Costs & New Opportunities
  • Groundbreaking Approaches: Reducing Risk and Creating win-win outcomes and  Opportunities across the global supply chain
  • Building a Sustainable Food and Water System
  • Technology, Data and Automation: How These Will Change Doing Business
  • Urban Transformation: The role of Community Energy Systems, Utilities, Transportation, Low Carbon Mobility, Smart Buildings

An Action-Based Summit that Targets Tangible Results 

The Global Leadership & Innovation Summit is an event for top-tier business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors who seek to build on what’s already working and to develop new opportunities for advancement  in today’s new realities.  Connect with potential partners.   Share new ideas and technology. Turn dialogue into action.  The Summit Program is structured around a series of interconnected topics that impact business, the environment and society.  An Igniter-Moderator™ leads each session. This peer-level facilitator will catalyze the discussion and stories of business and innovation leaders and entrepreneurs who have successfully tackled big challenges. This is complemented by a real time discovery of how to apply these insights to your organization and region.

October 20 & 21, 2014
MaRS Discovery District
Toronto, Canada

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