Congratulations to the winning bidders.

The auction was a a wonderful success. When the first two painting sold within a matter of days, we added two more of Linda Lang’s original artworks and extended the Art Auction until February 15th, 2015.

Stylistically both paintings are similar to Linda’s hero, Group of Seven artist, Lawren Harris, and they were created on location in the Arctic.

Linda Lang is an internationally acclaimed expedition and climate change artist. Her paintings are based on knowledge gained from her Inuit friends, scientists and over a dozen expeditions to the Polar Regions. Visit Linda’s website for more information.

“Linda’s paintings reflect a profound appreciation for Canada’s High Arctic and the devastating effects of global warming on its fragile, yet extreme, ecosystem.” — Tom Smart, former CEO & President, 
McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Fjords of Baffin – 48″ x 36″ oil on gallery canvas – [SOLD]

“In 2008, for the first time, the ice had melted enough in the fjords of the east coast of Baffin Island for our ship to venture down. I hiked for three hours up to the edge of the glacier to see this view. This moment was life changing.”     –  Linda Lang

IMG_1402.JPG_Bylot Island Glaciers_6000 - brighter

Bylot Island Glaciers – 36 x 48″ oil on gallery canvas – [SOLD]

“In 2006, I took a group of 25 Canadian artists through part of the Northwest Passage to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the successful completion. When we arrived at the north end of Bylot Island one of the artists exclaimed “It’s a Lawren Harris landscape”. Before us were the simplified patterns of glaciers that we had come to associate with Lawren Harris Arctic landscapes.”     –  Linda Lang

View of Bylot Island, 24” x 60” oil on canvas  [SOLD]

An admirer of the Group of Seven Artist Lawren Harris, Linda has captured the essence of his work in this picture painted in exactly the same spot as Lawren Harris when he painted Bylot Island in 1930 — 72 years later, Linda created this painting, “View of Bylot Island (from Pond Inlet).”

View from Glacier,Pangnirtung,30x40_SOLD

View from Glacier, Pangnirtung, 30” x 40” oil on canvas  [SOLD]

Linda painted “View from Glacier, Pangnirtung” from a sketch drawn during her 2004 stay in the community of Pangnirtung, after hiking up Mt. Duval to look down the fjord. When she returned to the spot three years later, the beautiful mountains were no longer snow-capped and the rest of the glaciers had melted.

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