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Our Grand Challenges

Grand Challenges

To drive innovation, businesses and communities need to anticipate the adverse effects of climate change. This means taking the appropriate action to prevent or minimize risks and taking advantage of opportunities already arising.

Calling Courageous Leaders and Change Makers

To accelerate the solutions, we are calling on leaders, innovators and change makers everywhere who are ready to embrace their courage and wisdom to participate as a leader or collaborator in one or more action partners’ grand challenge projects.

Significant Financial Gain and Leadership

We are currently in discussion with a number of jurisdictions to identify potential Grand Challenge projects that we can co-create, adapt and/or deliver collaboratively that:

  • Address one or more of the big socio-economic and environmental challenges affecting the sustainability and advancement of business and society
  • Deliver tangible value that drives positive change for organizations, groups and communities
  • Produce solutions that can be replicated and scaled to work in different regions facing similar challenges and opportunities for improvement
  • Drive significant short and long-term financial gain and leadership

Common to all of the Grand Challenges will be the Summit themes of Change, Partnership and Creativity to real-world actions.

Your Invitation

We invite you to consider working with us as a grand challenge partner and change maker too. Whether you already have a project and are seeking collaborators to help take it to the next level, or you are ready to explore participation in a new project, let’s talk.

The Challenges

To be announced as the grand challenge projects and teams come together in the near future.

“One isn’t necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency.”

   — Maya Angelou

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