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Rethink Sustainability Initiatives (RSI) is a recognized hub and catalyst for leaders and innovators—focused on actions that work for good in new world realities.

We engage global and local leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and senior advisors across all sectors, to accelerate the discovery, sharing and adoption of profitable best practice solutions that improve the socio-economic-environmental sustainability and advancement of business and society.

In collaboration with a dream team of decision-makers and experts, we explore and custom design high-impact strategies and solutions that work in today’s new world realities.

High Impact Workshops

In addition to public forums and summits, we leverage our results-focused processes to design and facilitate high impact workshops related to advancing sustainability, energy, innovation and/or market leadership in the context of business and society – for specific organizations, groups and stakeholder communities.

Our workshops are a powerful means for getting everyone working together to co-create win-win outcomes that hit the ground working.

Let us develop a High Impact Workshop for you, whether the end goal is to design a new business, a new product, an innovative solution to a common problem, deepen relations with key stakeholders, or to rethink and optimize systems that are already working.

We help leaders, groups and organizations identify, rethink and solve their unique situational obstacles with fresh ideas, motivation and passion. Challenge us.

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